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Experience that Shapes His Values

Karl’s Journey

Embarking on a lifelong commitment to Nevada’s children, Karl Catarata has forged his service to our community through real experiences that have molded his unwavering values.

A native Nevadan, Karl absorbed the essence of his convictions from his family, particularly his mother, an esteemed teacher in the Clark County School District, and other family members dedicated to public service in local county government.

Rooted in humble beginnings, Karl’s dedication to K-12 education stems from a deep-rooted passion for ensuring the brightest future for every student. After graduating from Valley High School, Karl epitomized the spirit of self-reliance by working his way through college. Not only did he earn his academic credentials, but he also secured certificates in leadership from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas and education finance strategy from McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University.

A True Advocate for Nevada’s Youth

Meet Karl

Karl Catarata is not just an experienced public servant, non-profit professional, and mentor; he is the embodiment of Nevada’s commitment to its youth. 

With a rich history of service at various levels of Nevada government, Karl is stepping up to serve our families in his run for the Clark County School District Board of Trustees, District A. 

His motivation is clear – he believes in providing every child in Nevada with an opportunity to succeed.

Raised, Recognized and Respected in the Silver State

Born and raised in our community, Karl’s impact is recognized and respected across Clark County, Nevada. The Las Vegas Sun commends his “impressive grasp of the issues in the state” and encourages readers to learn more about him.

Article: Las Vegas Sun

Beyond accolades, Karl’s advocacy has transcended different industries, ensuring that Nevadans receive the benefits they deserve and the results they need.

He is not just another candidate for public office; he is a dedicated advocate for common-sense leadership. Karl envisions leaders who can efficiently and professionally get the job done, always prioritizing the best interests for all communities.

In Karl Catarata, Nevada finds a leader whose values are shaped by real experiences, a commitment to youth, and a vision for a better future.

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